Born and raised in Easley, SC, I graduated from Easley High School in 1998. I graduated from The University of South Carolina in 2002, where I earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice. In 2006, I graduated with honors from the Appalachian School of Law in May, married my wife Jaclyn in August, and was sworn in and admitted to the South Carolina Bar in November. I was blessed with a son in 2008, a daughter in 2010, and much, much to our surprise, another son in 2013.

Practicing law since 2006, I concentrate primarily on family law, criminal defense and personal injury. However, I litigate other types of cases for Clients that desperately need help. And I also draft Wills and other estate documents for Clients that ask.

Family law because I consider myself to be a family man. Being married is hard. Being a father is hard. Going through a divorce and a custody dispute is much harder. I try to zealously represent my Clients through these difficult times and offer as much support as possible. As a follower of Jesus Christ, practicing family law, I encourage my clients to reconcile their marriages and keep their families together. Nevertheless, I will fight tooth and nail for my clients when circumstances call for a fight. But I will fight to seek resolution, not revenge.

Criminal defense because every now and then the long arm of the law reaches out and grabs the wrong person. If you've been charged and want my help, be prepared to get "the speech" about turning things around and doing better. Personal injury because people need to be compensated when they've been injured. Car accidents. Dog bites. Work-related injuries. Slip and falls. If you have been injured, I will help you get the compensation you deserve. Everyone is busy these days. We have jobs. We have families. We have obligations. Many times I have seen people get injured, pick themselves up, and keep marching on. Why? Because they work, have families, and have obligations. They don't have time to stop and make sure they're ok. They're tough. But the problem with this mentality is that their injury may take time to present itself. Or, even worse, they worsen their injuries by not seeking treatment. The legal system provides remedies for people that are injured. People pay insurance premiums to cover injuries. Don't let yourself get injured and be too tough to ask for what you're entitled to. Let me help you.

When I'm not with my family and I'm not practicing law, I like to hunt and fish, travel, work in my yard, and spend time with my black lab, Summer.